Recipes with MCT Oil That Rock!

MCT OILMCT or medium chain triglycerides is a type of oil that is found in coconuts. This oil is popularly used in cooking as well as in weight loss.

I was amazed that there was so much more to using this upgraded form of coconut oil; it is thought to be six times stronger than your regular run of the mill coconut oil.

This greasy fruit juice has so many benefits like being an efficient source of energy, improves cholesterol levels, helps nutrient absorption, increases immune protection, builds healthier cell walls and best of all, MCT makes meals more flavorful and healthier.

I have experimented with MCT oil recipes and I have found out that it’s more suitable and more efficient to cook with then your boring old extra virgin.

Here are a few recipes that I have created:

1. For making salads
Instead of using vegetable oil as a salad dressing ingredient, you can use MCT. Just drizzle this stuff over vegetables that call for salad dressing.

Choose green crunchy veggies that you want to include in your salad, add hard boiled eggs, ham slices, salad tomatoes and a dash of pepper. Use plain MCT oil and drizzle on the salad minutes before you serve.

2. Popcorn
TV time with the family is healthier when you pop popcorn the usual way but add MCT oil instead of melted butter. Use just a small amount of oil and a dash of iodized salt to make popcorn more delicious. You might also want a bit of Parmesan cheese on your popcorn but add the oil first.

3. Deep fried chicken
Instead of frying chicken in a vat of ordinary cooking oil you may substitute it with MCT. Prepare chicken by marinating it overnight inRecipes with fried chicken soy sauce, lemon, pepper, salt and garlic.

In the morning you will place the chicken in corn meal instead of breading mix and then fry in MCT. Fry until the chicken is golden brown, place chicken on tissue paper to completely drain the excess drizzle.

4. Omelet
Even simple egg recipes like the classic omelet can become healthier when you use this magical oil. Scramble three whole eggs, add salt and pepper. Dice your favorite vegetables, cold cuts or cheese; you can add these to your omelet later.

Heat a large saucepan with a dash of MCT oil. Place the egg mixture in the pan and cook till the undersides are done. Place your favorite filling in the middle and flip half of the omelet to cover the filling. Flip the entire omelet over and cook the egg thoroughly.

5. Garlic chicken
You can use MCT oil in almost all types of food that needs frying. Fry marinated chicken and garlic in grass fed butter; you can create a sauce with MCT and the chicken. Add sauce, mushrooms and black pepper to taste.

There are so many more MCT recipes that I have created and if you loved my recipes and would like to add this awesome ingredient to the foods that you cook every day. You can follow us on Facebook or tweet this post on Twitter.


  1. deb says

    I’m trying to make a healthier butter spread using MCT oil instead of olive oil. Normally you just whip 3/4 cup of regular butter and add 1/2 cup olive oil and 1 tbsp milk – this makes a nice tub of healthy butter. So now I will try this with MCT oil instead of olive oil for the extra benefits of MCT and try it out. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    • Ike says

      WOW, please keep us posted! That would be great addition to this recipe list. Could you make a video for it, i’d be happy to post it?

  2. Andy Walker says

    Butter is already one of the most healthy superfoods there is. It is already loaded with MCTs but it also has a lot of fat soluable vitamins not present in the straight MTC oil. By mixing it with butter you are only diluting the vitamins, not making it more healthy.

  3. debbie says

    mct butter recipe
    1TSP of cornflour
    3/4c skim milk powder
    3/4c water
    1TSP lemon juice
    1c mct oil
    few drops yellow food colouring

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